Brief History of Corrigin

Corrigin, Western AustraliaCorrigin is an agricultural town located 230km south-east of Perth in the heart of one of Australia's largest wheat districts. The district was settled in the 1880's but the road to Corrigin was not built until 1913, when the town blocks were auctioned. Corrigin was originally gazetted as Dondakin, derived from the Aboriginal name for a nearby soak (Dondakine Soak) and the name given to the town's railway siding. The locals preferred Corrigin for the name of the town which was the name of a nearby well (Corrigin Well) and an  Aboriginal word of unknown origins. However the railway authority believed the name Corrigin would be confused with another siding called Korrijinn. After much debate and protests Korrijinn was changed to Bickley and Dondakin was changed to Corrigan on the 15th May, 1914.
Today Corrigin is predominantly an agricultural community with its major industries being in the production of grain, livestock and wool.

Things You May Not Know About Corrigin

Corrigin, Dog in a ute, Western AustraliaThe postcode for Corrigin is 6375.

The major draw card for Corrigin is the annual "Dog in a Ute" event. Each year Corrigin and the rival state of Victoria battle it out to break the world record for "dogs in ute" and to raise money for charities and their local community . Each ute (Australian slang for utility truck) requires a dog to compete.

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