Architecture of Pinjarra

Post Office

Architecture of Pinjarra, Pinjarra Post Office, Western Australia

In 1891 a group of local settlers called for the building of a post office in Pinjarra. The first post office was established in 1868 and operated out of Mrs Sutcliffe's cottage. Mrs Sutcliffe was to become the town's post mistress for 25 years. In 1895 the Vicorian style Post and Telegraph Office was built to a design by Government architect George Temple-poole.

Court House

Architecture of Pinjarra, Court House, Western Australia

The town's original courthouse was an attractive single storey building with verandah and shingle roof, built in 1887. Eventially a petition was presented to the Premier of Western Australia in 1891 to replace the Court House, however this was rejected and the available funds were used for roads and other facilities.It was finally demolished in the 1920's and replaced with this courthouse in 1935.Pinjarra's first court proceedings were Petty Sessions held in the house of licensed publican Mr W.E.Oakley in the 1840's. The final sitting of the Magistrates Court was held in December 2002, when the Court was closed.

Former Road Board Office

Architecture of Pinjarra, Road Board Office, Pinjarra, Western Australia

From the mid 1870's until 1935 this building was the office of the Murray Road Board. The role of the Road Board was primarily concerned with the development of roads between the Murray district and major trade centres.It was built using locally made bricks and is one of the 13 original Road Board offices in the State.

Old Blythwood

This grand old building with its beautiful gardens overlooks the flats of the Murray River 3km south of Pinjarra. The Old Bythwood was built in 1860 by the McLarty family and was used as a family home and a coach inn . The family would often provide overnight accomodation and a hearty meal for weary travellers. The house was also used as the local Post Office until 1868. By the turn of the century the Inn had ceased operation and the Old Blythwood remained a family homestead. In 1974 the Old Blythwood was presented to the National Trust for use as a house museum and is open to the public two days a week or by appointment.


Architecture of Pinjarra, Evendale, Pinjarra, Western Australia

In 1888 Edward McLarty built Evenvale for his family who had been living at Liveringa since the mid 1870's. This elegant 17 room residence with wide verandahs remained the home of the McLarty family until after the death of Sir Ross McLarty in 1962. Sir Ross was Premier of Western Australia from 1947 to 1953. The State Government, with the assistance from the Commonwealth, acquired the residence because of its Western Australian political history from 1894-1962.In the later years Edenvale was running into disrepair and was very close to being demolished had it not been for the vigorous protest of the Pinjarra residents. It was taken over by the Murray Shire Council and housed the Pinjarra Public Library for a time.

Old Butcher Shop

Architecture of Pinjarra, old Butcher Shop, Pinjarra, Western Australia

The Old Butchers Shop is a small one room building which was used to supply the town with meat from the McLarty family farm. The building is made of jarrah weatherboard and has a pitched corrugated iron roof and is located between Edenvale and Liveringa.

Old School House

Architecture of Pinjarra, Old School House, Pinjarra, Western Australia

The old schoolhouse was completed in 1896 and was designed by government architect George Temple-Poole. The project also included a four-roomed teacher's cottage nearby. The building was constructed of locally baked mud bricks, and had two classrooms added in 1921.A new school was built in 1938 and this building was later purchased by the Anglican Church.

St John's Anglican Church

Architecture of Pinjarra, St John's Church, Pinjarra, Western Australia

This church is reputed to be the fifth oldest church in Western Australia. Building was carried out during 1861 and 1862 by a local settler, Anthony Cornish. (The building was consecrated in 1863.) A vestry was added a few years later, and a porch in 1879. The cost of the building was just over 300 pounds, it included a shingle roof, pews and pulpit some of the carpentry was carried out by the Fremantle prisoners. The building was subjected to flooding and there is a plate on the south wall which marks the flood level.The first rector was the Reverend James Price.

Pinjarra Suspension Bridge

Architecture of Pinjarra, Pinjarra Suspension Bridge, Western Australia

The Pinjarra Suspension Bridge was constructed by the Australian Army's 22 Construction Squadron as a training exercise. The material for it's construction were provided by Alcoa of Australia. It was officially opened on 10th November 1985, by the Hon Wendy Fatin MP, the then Member for Brand. The bridge stretches across the Murray River, providing a pedestrian link between the town centre and the residential areas on the eastern side of the river. A very popular tourist attraction, the river banks have been landscaped and picnic barbeque facilities are available. Watch out for the geese!

Hissing Goose, Pinjarra, Western Australia
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