Big Banana of Carnarvon

Big Banana of Carnarvon, Western Australia Carnarvon's Big Banana was originally built for a service station/ video store in Northam , Western Australia in 1988. The creator of this Big Banana was a Queensland boat builder, Michael McEvoy.

In 1986, he built the first Big Banana in Mackay, Queensland, as a gimmick to attract people to his fruit and vegetable shop. The idea was so successful he moved to Northam to erect another Big Banana. The 10m high and 2m diameter banana was made out of fibreglass and a steel-reinforced frame.

Unfortunately the second Big Banana was not so successful and was later sold to the Carnarvon Tourist Bureau as a promotional icon for the Carnarvon banana plantations , one of the town's major industries. It now stands on the corner of Robinson Street and Boundary Road, Carnarvon.

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