Central Greenough

Central Greenough School


Central Geenough, Central Greenough school, Western Australia

The Central Greenough School was built in 1865 by William Trigg as an option for pupils who had difficulty attending the existing school across the river. At the time there was no bridge across the Greenough River making it difficult for students to cross when the river was flowing. By the end of 1865 there were 20 pupils attending the Central Greenough School. The building served not only as a school but also a community hall and a place of worship for Anglicans. By 1875, Greenough had two other state schools and a total of six schools in the region.

Police Station & Courthouse


Central Greenough, Police Station and Courthouse, Western Australia

Police were first stationed at Greenough in 1863 and within two years the first Resident Magistrate, Maitland Brown was appointed. Previously the district was served by the Champion Bay magistrate but due to hostility between the settlers and Aboriginals and the increase of ticket-of-leave convicts working in the area there was a need for a resident magistrate. Prior to the construction of the Court House court proceedings took place in Donahue's Barn. In 1870 work began on the construction of a Police Station, Lock-up & Court House in Greenough and Henry Laurence was appointed the new Resident Magistrate for the Greenough District. The lock-up cells at Greenough were not designed for long term housing. After a trial, the convicted felons were transferred to a prison in Geraldton. Four of the five cells were used for holding white prisoners with the fifth cell being reserved for Aboriginal prisoners. The Aboriginal prisoners were chained to an iron bar along the back wall.

Police Stables


Central Greenough, police stables, Western Australia

The stables for the police horses and two toilets were located at the rear of the Court House.

Road Board Office Building


Central Greenough, Road Board Building, Western Australia

The Greenough Road Board Office building was built in 1906 and was used for board meetings and was the centre of local administration for the entire Greenough district.

Goodwin's Cottage


Central Greenough, Goodwin's Cottage, Western Australia

The Goodwin's Cottage was built by the Catholic Church for a retired policeman & his wife. In 1912, following the policeman's death, the cottage became a church and then a school.

St Peter's Church

Central Greenough, St Peter's Church, Western Australia

The foundation stone of the St Peter's Church was laid in 1908. The church was built by W.Martin as a replacement for an earlier church, which had been damaged in the 1888 flood. The original church was located in front of Clinch's Mill. Some of the stones of the original church were used in the construction of the new St Peter's Church.

St Peter's Bell


Central Greenough, St Peter's Church bell, Western Australia

The bell, which is located near the St Peter's Church, was cast at Murphy's Foundry in Dublin, in 1879. The bell had once been in the original St Peter's Chapel, which had been badly damaged by flood waters, before it was placed outside the new church. The bell was rung to announce the Angelus. The Angelus being the prayers said at morning noon and evening in commemoration of the Incarnation.

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