Pink Lake

Pink Lake

The Pink Lake in Esperance is a salt lake that often turns a magnificent shade of pink when conditions are right. The reason for this phenomenon is due to high concentrations of the salt tolerant algae called Dunalella Sailina and the single-celled microorganism called Halobacteria cutirubrum.

When Does The Lake Turn Pink?

When all the conditions are perfect , that is, when the lake water reaches a salinity level greater than that of sea water and the temperature gets hot enough and the light conditions are adequate, the alga will begin to accumulate the red

Salt Flats

pigments found in the plant life and the pink halobacteria found in the salt crust will combine to turn the water pink. The lake has not turned pink for over a decade so don’t hold your breath.

Things You May Not Know About The Pink Lake

It’s real name is Spencer Lake.

At the Eastern end of the lake the WA Salt Group  have solar ponds that produce table salt. There is also a kiln which dries the salt before it is crushed and bagged. The WA Salt Supply company was established in 1944 by the Lister brothers. They began sourcing salt from the Pink Lake in the 1970s when demand for industrial salt increased.


Pink Lake Drive, Esperance

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