Mistaken Island Beach

Mistaken Island Beach

Mistaken Island is an island located in King George Sound approximately 5 kilometres from Albany, Western Australia. The island itself was declared a class 1A Nature Reserve in 1971 .

The area is a fantastic location to take a dip in crystal clear water. From Mistaken Island Beach you can swim or paddle to the island (at your own risk of course). Please note great white sharks have been spotted in this area.

Fairy Penguin Colony on Mistaken Island

Mistaken Island Beach

There is a small Fairy penguin colony on Mistaken Island. The Fairy penguin, also known as the little penguin, is the smallest species of penguin. It grows to between 33-43 cm in height. The largest colony in Western Australia can be found on Penguin Island.

In 2011 the little penguins of Mistaken Island were used to monitor the health of King George Sound during and after the dredging of Albany Harbour.

Thanks to the penguin monitoring program  the Conservation Council were able to identify high mercury levels linked to a local phosphate plant dumping waste products in the harbour for over 30 years.


Things You May Not Know About Mistaken Island

The island got its name after the penguin burrows were mistaken for rabbit holes. For many years the island was known as Rabbit Island.

Today there are several mussel farms around Mistaken Island  cultivating blue mussels.

How to get there

Mistaken Island Beach is located on Quaranup Road. From Princess Royal Drive take the Frenchman Bay road and head in the direction of Whale World. The Quaranup Road turn off is about 12kms on the left hand side.

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