Whaling Cove Beach

Whaling Cove

Whaling Cove Beach (also known as Whaling Cove and Fisheries beach) is located on Quaranup Road about 20 minutes from Albany. It is a beautiful little sanctuary with about 300m long beach of white sand and clusters of rocks. The cove rarely gets big waves as it is protected from the ocean swells.

There is an abundance of seagrass growing just off shore.

Just take note that the beach is occasionally frequented by nudists.

History of Whaling Cove

Whaling Cove

Being located in Albany its not hard to guess how the cove got its name. Whaling Cove was the site of one of the earliest whaling stations in Albany.  William Lovett, Thomas Brooker Sherratt and Mr Dring were the first land based operators, setting up their site in 1835. The whales would be harpooned and then hauled out of the ocean and placed on the granite rock shelf to be flensed (stripped of skin and blubber).  Whaling operated from the months of May through to September, during the humpback and southern right whales migration season.


Whaling in the cove ceased well over a century ago. Unfortunately the remains of the whalers hut, including a stone chimney, were vandalised in 1977 and left to rubble. If you look closely you may still find charred remains of blubber or fragments of  iron hoops used to make the wooden barrels that stored the whale oil. A memorial plaque was erected in 1997 to mark the Whaling Cove station which operated from 1835 -1865.

How to get there

Whalers Cove is located on Quaranup Road. From Princess Royal Drive take the Frenchman Bay road and head in the direction of Whale World. The Quaranup Road turn off is about 12kms on the left hand side.

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