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Hyden, Western AustraliaHyden is a small agricultural town located in the central Wheatbelt Region of Western Australia, 340km, south-east of Perth. The town was named after the nearby Hyden Rock. There are several theories surrounding the origin of the name Hyden, one story is that it was named after a sandalwood cutter named Hyde living near Hippo's Yawn, another is that it was named after a German prospector Carl Heiden, who lived in the area in the 1890's. Click here for more history of Hyden

Things You May Not Know About Hyden

Hyden, Waves Rock, Western AustraliaThe post code for Hyden is 6359.

The Mulka Cave was named after an Aboriginal legend. The hand prints on the inside walls of the cave are said to be that of Mulka!

The first known white people to visit the area were Sandalwooders who were collecting the unique wood to sell to the oriental market for incense. 

The Rabbit Proof Fence (State Barrier Fence)was built between 1901-1907 to keep invading rabbits out of the State. The southern section of the fence is located a just east of Hyden.

Hyden, Rabbit Proof Fence, Western AustraliaThe fence runs for 1,832km & is the longest in the world.

In 1967, Wave Rock became an overnight attraction following an article published in the National Geographics.

The rock is believed to be over 2700 million years old.

The Grain Handling Facilities at Hyden are among the most advanced in the world.

Hyden is in the Shire of Kondinin. There are three towns within the shire, Hyden, Karlgarin and Condinin and each town has a theme promoting their area. Hyden is "Bush living at its best", Karlgarin "Small and Proud" and Kondinin "Heritage of red soil riches".

Where To Hang Your Hat ?

Hyden has became a popular tourist destination for over thirty years. With an average of 100,000 visitors per year the town has accommodation to suit everyone's needs. Here are a few -

Wave Rock Bed and Breakfast
Wave Rock Caravan Park and Cabins

Blue Bells Country Cottage

Hyden Hotel/Motel

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Shire of Kondinin

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