Monkey Mia

Brief History

Monkey Mia, Pelicans, Western Australia Monkey Mia is a coastal settlement located on the Peron Peninsula, near Denham, Shark Bay, Western Australia.

The first known mention of the name was in 1890, following a letter from a pearler, who referred to the area as Monkey Mia. However, there seems to be some confusion over how the area exactly got its unusual name. Some believe it was named after a schooner named "Monkey", which came to Shark Bay in 1834. Others believe it was named after "monkey", a colloquialism for sheep. There was even a rumour that it was named after a monkey that jumped ship in the area. It has even been suggested that it was named after a local resident whose nickname was monkey. There seems to be little debate over the second word Mia, which is an Aboriginal word meaning "shelter" or "resting place". Click here for more history of Monkey Mia and the dolphins.

Things You May Not Know About Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia, Bottle nosed dolphin, western australiaIn 1999 the classification of the Shark Bay dolphins was changed and are know referred to as Indian Ocean or Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins.

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