Yalgorup Tunnels

Yalgorup Tunnels, mysterious, strange, no explanation, sounds like a great story. Well, hidden in Yalgorup National Park are a series of about 13 tunnels dug into the side of limestone hills. The tunnels are quite hard to find so don’t be disappointed if you search in vain. Also be very careful if you discover one, as the walls could be fragile and brittle (you may never be found!).

Mysterious Yalgorup tunnels

The tunnels are known as the Yalgorup tunnels. No one has any idea when they were dug or why! The tunnels, which measure about 1.8m high and 1.8m wide, were dug out by hand picks and the rumble piled up outside the entrances (which makes them really hard to find).

All the tunnels come to a dead end about 50m in and are quite straight. Over the years there have been various suggestions about why they were dug. Some believe they were dug to test for rock suitability for the Bunbury breakwater, while others with a greater imagination believe they were used by smugglers in the 1800’s. I would like to think the likes of Moondyne Joe were responsible for these holes, but I am afraid he would have probably stopped at digging one!

Inside some of the tunnels there are dates carved on the walls. The most readable date is marked 1927, though it is suggested one of the dates looks like it is marked 1890’s.

During World War II some of the entrances to the tunnels were blown up by locals who feared a Japanese invasion.


Eight of the tunnels have been roughly located off Preston Beach Road. Google Maps have the 8 marked.

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