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  • West Australian Vista - Hidden Within Every Town and City of WA is a Treasure Trove of History and Wonder
  • Albany Western Australia - Albany is located on the South West Coast of Western Australia and was the first settlement in Western Australia
  • Albany Blowholes - Found along the coast, these granite rocks put on quite a show shooting water into the air, when the conditions are perfect.
  • Dog Rock Albany - Dog Rock in Albany, Western Australia is a local icon.
  • Albany Wind Farm - The Albany wind farm was officially opened in October 2001 and produces on average 77,000,000 units of electricity a year.
  • The Gap in Albany - The Gap in Albany is a rugged granite channel which was carved out of the cliffs by the constant crashing of waves from the Great Southern Ocean.
  • The Natural Bridge in Albany - The Natural Bridge is a rock arch formed from the gradual wearing away of the rock by the Great Southern Ocean . In 1978 Stephen Mathews was rescued there after being hit and dragge into the ocean by a king wave.
  • Two Peoples Bay in Albany - Two People's Bay is a protected area in a nature reserve thanks to the Noisy Scrub-bird and is located about 35kms from Albany in Western Australia.
  • Mistaken Island Beach - Mistaken Island is an island located in King George Sound approximately 5 kilometres from Albany, Western Australia.
  • Whalers Cove
  • One of the Oldest Settlements in Western Australia : Augusta stands on the slopes of Hardy Inlet overlooking the Blackwood River in Western Australia.
  • History of Augusta - The town of Augusta was named in honour of Princess Augusta Sophia, the second daughter of King George III and Queen Charlotte.
  • The Last Posts : Flinders Bay Jetty is steadily being claimed by the Southern Ocean. The jetty (aka Barrack Point Jetty) is one of two jetties built by M.C. Davies , to export timbers around the world.
  • Edgy Town of The West Australian Wheatbelt : Beverley has some of the best small town Art Deco buildings in the State
  • The Terminus of the Goverment Railway : The history of Beverley in Western Australia's wheatbelt.
  • She'll Be Apples : Bridgetown was once the apple growing centre of Western Australia. Today the town and shire is a thriving community of diverse industry and activity.
  • Architecture of Bridgetown - A Treasure Trove of Early Timber Town Architecture
  • City of Bunbury - Bunbury is a port city located 175 km south of Perth near the mouth of the Collie River in Western Australia.
  • Basalt Rock in Bunbury - The Basalt Rocks found on Bunbury's Back Beach were formed about 130 million years ago and are just one of a few still visible along the coast.
  • Old Bunbury Timber Jetty : The Old Bunbury Timber Jetty is located in Koombana Bay in Bunbury, Western Australia. Construction of the original jetty commenced in 1864 using convict labour.
  • Carnarvon : Carvarvon is in the heart of the Gascoyne Region on the doorstep of the Indian Ocea and is famous for its banana and mango plantations.
  • Kuwinywardu :History of Carnarvon - Named After the 4th Earl of Carnarvon (Henry Howard Molyneux) who was the Secretary of State for the Colonies.
  • Gascoyne River : The Gascoyne is the longest river in Western Australia and flows for about 120 days of the year ( the rest of the year the river flows underneath the dry river bed).
  • Hot Artesian Water :The hot water of the Bibbawarra Bore travelled along a 175 m trough, cooling as it flowed
  • Carnarvon Banana Plantations : The Carnarvon plantations use water from the underground aquifers in the Gascoyne River
  • Carnarvon Mango Plantations : The most commonly grown mango is Kensington Pride. The Carnarvon Mango Plantations use a sprinkler system for irrigation from underground aquifers .
  • Big Banana of Carnarvon : A big yellow icon of Carnarvon
  • The Long Haul - One Mile Jetty : One Mile Jetty is the longest Jetty in the North-West of the Western Australia.
  • One small step for man : Overseas Telecommunication Dish (OTC) in Carnarvon was built in 1966 as a satellite communications & tracking station.
  • Facts about bananas : All the facts and information about the big yellow herb that you ever wanted to know.
  • Facts About Mangoes - Mangoes are a species of fruit native to tropical Asia and are the most economically important fruit in the Anacardiaceae family. The Anacardiaceae family also includes the cashews, pistachio nut, poison ivy and poison oak.
  • HMAS Sydney Memorial Drive : HMAS Sydney Memorial Drive was built in 2001 on the 60th Anniversary commemoration of the sinking of the "Sydney".
  • Everything That Glitters is Gold ! : History and information about the goldfields town of Coolgardie.
  • Corrigin - a dog and a ute : Corrigin is an agricultural town located 230km south-east of Perth in the heart of one of Australia's largest wheat districts. The major draw card for Corrigin is the annual "Dog in a Ute" event.
  • Corrigin Dog in a Ute : Each year Corrigin and the rival State of Victoria, battle it out to break the world record for how many "dogs in utes" they can parade through the town.
  • Cue - Queen of the Murchinson : Interesting history and facts about the town of Cue in Western Australia
  • Architecture of Cue : Outback Centre For Heritage
  • Ghost Town - Big Bell : The ruins of the Big Bell town are located about 27kms west of Cue on the Big Bell mine road. The town was established in 1936 as a result of the opening of the Big Bell Mine.
  • Strike While The Iron Is Hot - Dampier : In Dampier, Western Australia, over one billion tonnes of iron ore were found in the mountain range.
  • World's Largest Art Gallery : Dampier Rock Art was the first Australian site to be registered on the World Monument Fund's list of most endangered places.
  • Denham : Gateway to Monkey Mia the townsite of Denham was gazetted in 1898 and was known locally as 'Freshwater Camp', as it was the only location in Shark Bay with a good supply of fresh water.
  • History of Denham - The pearl shells were harvested by dredging the dense beds of oysters and then leaving them on the beach in "pogey tubs".
  • Denham Wind Farm : The Denham Wind Farm produces more than half the town's electricity
  • Esperance in Western Australia - Esperance is a small coastal town located on the south coast of Western Australia about 720km from Perth and some of the state;s best beaches
  • History of Esperance
  • Pink Lake in Esperance
  • Cape Le Grand National Park
  • Stonehenge in Esperance - The only life size replica of Stonehenge in the world is located in a cow paddock in Esperance, Western Australia
  • Tanker Jetty Esperance - Tanker Jetty, originally known as Esperance Deepwater Wharf, was built in 1935 to serve the shipping needs of the Esperance region
  • Shipwreck Coast : Geraldton has become the lobster capital of the world
  • History of Geraldton : Geraldton is located on Champion Bay, 424km north of Perth, Western Australia .
  • Eternal Flame : HMAS Sydney Memorial was erected in honour of all the souls lost in Australia's greatest naval tragedy
  • Fate Unknown : HMAS Sydney was Australia's greatest naval loss in history and today is still surrounded in mystery and conspiracy theories.
  • Monsignor John Hawes : In His 24 years in Western Australia, Monsignor Hawes was Responsible for Designing and Building Over 16 Churches in the States Mid-West Region.
  • Monsignor John Hawes Masterpiece : St Francis Xavier Cathedral in Geraldton, Western Australia took twenty two years to complete
  • Yellow Submarine - Geraldton's most treasured icon was the end result of a failed venture to catch crayfish (Rock Lobsters).
  • What a Wreck: South Tomi was an illegal fishing boat that was involved in the longest pursuits in Australian maritime history. It is now has been sunk off the coast as a tourist attraction.
  • Zeewijk Cannon : On the 9th of June, 1727 the Dutch ship "Zeewijk" struck Half Moon Reef in the Abrolhos Islands on its way to Batavia , it was her maiden voyage.
  • Greenough - A booming wheat town turns into a ghost town thanks to mechanisation and Mother Nature.
  • History of Greenough - Natural Disasters and the advancement of the agricultural industry lead to the Town of Greenough's decline.
  • Central Greenough : A rural hamlet where time stands still
  • Greenough Family Massacre : In 1993 Greenough, a small hamlet in Western Australia, one of the States most horrific murders took place. William Patrick Mitchell killed a mother and her three children with an axe.
  • Bush Living At Its Best - Hyden: Hyden is a small agricultural town located in the central Wheatbelt Region of Western Australia. The town was named after the nearby Hyden Rock (Wave Rock).
  • History of Hyden - The town of Hyden became an overnight sensation following an article in the National Geographics magazine.
  • Hand Prints of a Killer : Mulka Cave is located about 21kms from Hyden , Western Australia. The cave is an important part of Aboriginal folklore.
  • The Longest Fence in the World : The construction of the Rabbit Proof Fence began in 1902 & was finally completed in 1907. By the time of its completion many rabbits had already hopped into W.A.
  • Wave Rock : This long granite overhanging natural wall, which is shaped like a wave, came into the spotlight in 1967 when a photograph of it appeared in the National Geographic Magazine.
  • Just Blowing in the Wind : Wheat was originally a wild grass that was eaten as far back as 10,000 BC. The wheat grew wild in the Middle East, in an area called Mesopotamia (Iraq),
  • Grain Handling Facilities - The grain handling facilities in Western Australia are some of the most advanced in the world
  • Co Operative Bulk Handling : Stores, tests and handles grain in and has been operating in Western Australia Since 1933.
  • Paddy Hannan Strikes it Lucky in Kalgoorlie-Boulder : In 1893, Paddy Hannan discovers gold at Mt Charlotte which starts the biggest goldrush in Western Australia's history.
  • History of Kalgoorlie - The town of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia, became known as the Golden Mile after the discovery of gold in the area.
  • Just His Luck ! : Paddy Hannan and his mates strike gold at Mt Charlotte in Kalgoorlie, starting the last great goldrush in Australian history.
  • Kalgoorlie Boulder Super Pit :The Biggest Gold Mine in Australia and is one of the world's biggest open cut mines.
  • Railways, Harbours, Everything ! : C Y O'Connor was in a class of his own, turning Western Australia into a State of prosperity
  • A Scheme of Madness : Goldfields Pipeline - In Western Australia water simply wasn't available until C.Y.O'Connor put his mind to it!
  • What a Difference a Lake Makes : Kununurra is an oasis in Western Australia's Kimberley Region
  • History of Kununurra : What a Scheme, the town of Kununurra was built as a result of the Ord River Irrigation Scheme to supply irrigation water to farms in the dry Kimberley region .
  • Lake Argyle - The Biggest Artificial Lake in Australia :The water levels of this lake fluctuate to catchment, evaporation and requirements for irrigation
  • Lake Kununurra Dam it ! : Lake Kununurra is one of the lakes formed by the damming of the Ord River in the State's far north.
  • With a Dash of Lime - Lake Clifton : Lake Clifton was once a short lived lime mining town in Western Australia.
  • Living Rocks - Thrombolites : Thrombolites were believed to be responsible for oxygen production that allowed life to exist on the planet.
  • Yalgorup National Park - Home of the Thrombolites :The thin piece of Yalgorup National Park land (13,000 ha) in Western Australia stretches around a chain of lakes.
  • Yalgorup Tunnels - Take Your Pick!: Yalgorup Tunnels, mysterious, strange, no explanation. Well, hidden in Yalgorup National Park are a series of about 13 tunnels dug into the side of limesone hills.
  • Tall Timber Town : Manjimup , the jewel of the South West, was established in 1910 as a result of the railway line, which was built to service the rapidly growing timber industry.
  • History of Manjimup - Jewel of the South West where great things grow. The first European settler in the Manjimup district was a timber cutter, Thomas Muir, in 1856.
  • Cherry Harmony Festival - How Sweet It Is : The Cherry Harmony Festival is one of Manjimup's best kept secrets. Every year in December, Manjimup hosts the Cherry Harmony Festival to celebrate the start of the cherry season.
  • How the Mighty Have Fallen : One Tree Bridge is a single karri tree which was felled across the Donnelly River.
  • Facts About Cherries : Information, trivia and unusual facts about cherries, the fruit of love.
  • Press Release : GlobeVista Australasian Cherry Pip Spitting - Intense Spit-Off Competition at Manjimup’s Annual Cherry Harmony Festival
  • Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival Results 2006 - Everyone Is A Winner
  • Cherry Harmony Festival Results 2007 - Manjimup's Best Ever Cherry Festival
  • Manjimup Cherry Pip Spitting Competition : The results of the 2008 Globevista Australasian Cherry Pip Spitting Competition in Manjimup, Western Australia
  • Diamond Tree Lookout - 51m Too High ! : The Diamond tree lookout is located approximately 10km south of Manjimup . This massive Karri tree has been operating as a fire lookout for over 65 years.
  • Manjimup Cherry Festival 2009
  • Margaret River : Margaret River is the largest wine producing region in Western Australia.
  • Fires of 1961 - 41 Day Inferno in Dwellingup : During the summer of 1961 a series of bush fires raged for 41 days across the south-west of Western Australia . 160 buildings were lost.
  • It's Our Fault ! Meckering : In 1968 an earthquake in Meckering nearly wiped the town off the map.
  • Gone In 40 Seconds : On the 14th of October 1968 Australia would experience one of the most devastating earthquakes in history, the Meckering earthquake.
  • Monkey Mia Great Place, Strange Name ! : Monkey Mia is one of the few places in the world where dolphins naturally interact with humans.
  • History of Monkey Mia : In the 1960's bottlenose dolphins began making regularly visits to Monkey Mia, after the local fishermen began throwing fish to them, from their boats.
  • Nannup - Home of the Elusive Nannup Tiger : Timber town with heart, lies on the Blackwood River in the south-west agricultural region of Western Australia.
  • Timber & Tigers - History of Nannup : Bunnings Had The Run Of The Mills
  • The Elusive Thylacine : Nannup Tiger, Now You See It, Now You Don't.
  • Narembeen : Narembeen is located 280km east of Perth in Western Australia. The original townsite was located at Emu Hill, 5km from the current townsite, but was relocated after the building of a pub.
  • New Norcia - Mission Accomplished : The town of New Norcia in Western Australia is one of the most successful missions in Australian history.
  • Benedictine Community: History of New Norcia started with the settlement of the town nearly 160 Years ago.
  • Things Are Looking Up : Architecture of New Norcia - The only surviving MonasticTown in Australia.
  • Holy Space Stations !: New Norcia Satellite Dish - Benedictine Monks and NASA Scientists Working Together In Search of Life Beyond Earth
  • Home of the White Swan - Northam : Breeding ground of the white swan and home of the premier white water boating event, the Avon Descent
  • Gateway to the goldfields : History of Northam, the gateway to goldfields
  • Avon River : Home of the white water boating event, The Avon Descent and the only breeding ground for the white swan in Australia
  • Whitewater - Avon Descent : The Avon Descent is one of Northam's biggest tourist attraction and Australia's biggest whitewater event
  • Avon River Suspension Bridge : The Avon River Suspension Bridge is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Australia and is designed to withstand winds of up to 150km/h
  • Oh Those Russians : The white swans of Northam were Introduced into Western Australia by a Russian Settler.
  • Architectural Treasure Trove : History and information about the architecture of Fitzgerald Street Northam in Western Australia
  • Grand Old Street : History and information about the architecture of Wellington Street Northam in Western Australia
  • Most Isolated Capital City in the World - Perth : A Comprehensive Look At the Suburbs of Perth's Metropolitan Area.
  • Gateway to the Murray Valley : Pinjarra -is one of the oldest towns in Western Australia and location of the Pinjarra Massacre.
  • Architecture of Pinjarra - Many of the old houses were built by settlers from locally made mud bricks
  • United We Stand, Divided We Fall : Pinjarra Massacre ( Battle of Pinjarra ) was one of the darkest and bloodiest days in Western Australian history.
  • Yagan : Yagan was an Aboriginal Leader of the Nyungar people in Western Australia. On July 11, 1833 Yagan was killed and beheaded.
  • Ravensthorpe.html
  • Five Hundred Dugongs Can't Be Wrong ! : Shark Bay is located 870km north of Perth , at the most westerly point of the Australian continent, comprising of a series of peninsulas, inlets and islands.
  • Tribal Lands of the Nganda and Malgana : History of Shark Bay Dirk Hartog nailed his claim
  • Landlocked Marine Basin : Hamelin Pool is home of the oldest living fossil
  • Stromatolites : At night when all Is quiet stromatolites secrete a sticky film of mucus to trap sediment
  • What a Load of @#%! - Guano Mining : Shark Bay Became a Popular Location for Guano Mining and Guano Raiders.
  • Shell Beach - Blinded by the light : Shell Beach at Shark Bay, Western Australia, is covered in millions and millions of small White Cockle shells.
  • Mind Your Step - Stonefish : Stonefish are the world's most dangerous stinging fish
  • An Elaborate Bore : Francois Peron National Park was named after the French Zoologist, Francois Peron. During the 1900's artesian bores were sunk and an elaborate valve system was developed.
  • History of Windmills : The first known windmill was believed to have been built in Persia around AD 500-900.
  • Avon Valley Settlement -Toodyay : The small Western Australian town of Toodyay was the favourite haunt of the infamous bushranger Moondyne Joe.
  • Moondyne Joe - Legendary Western Australian bushranger they couldn't keep under lock or key
  • Wyalkatchem : Cradle of bulking wheat loading in Western Australia : The district was explored in 1864 but the first settlers to take up land in Wyalkatchem were in 1904.
  • York : York is the oldest inland town in Western Australia. In 1886, with the arrival of the railway and the discovery of gold at Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie, the town boomed.
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  • Alexander Forrest - Surveyor and Explorer: Alexander Forrest explored and named the Pilbara and Kimberley Regions of Western Australia
  • Busselton Jetty : The Busselton Jetty , in Western Australia, is the longest wooden jetty (pier) in the southern hemisphere
  • Western Australia's Railway History
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