Old Bunbury Timber Jetty

Old Bunbury Jetty

The Old Bunbury Timber Jetty is located in Koombana Bay in Bunbury, Western Australia.

Construction of the original jetty commenced in 1864 using convict labour. The jetty has been extended over the years to accommodate the increased shipping.

The jetty was closed in 1982 following the construction of Bunbury’s Inner Harbour. Sections of the originally bridge dating from 1864-1906 have all but perished. The sections were either demolished or left lying at the bottom of the harbour. Railway trucks were used along the railway line to transport goods for export.

Old Bunbury Jetty Fire

Damaged timbers

Following a fire in the 1990’s there were discussions about demolishing the jetty, however public outcry saved the structure. A decking restoration plan was undertaken by the Bunbury Timber Jetty Environment and Conservation Society (formerly the Bunbury Timber Jetty Preservation Society) in 1995.

The society is responsible for the maintenance the jetty . In 1999 an engineers report on the condition of the jetty revealed that a third of the timber jetty piles were completely severed at the waterline.

Redevelopment and Restoration

In 2004 the State Government announced the Landcorp redevelopment project for the Outer Harbour which included the Bunbury Timber Jetty.

Currently the jetty is supported on timber and concrete pylons and is 590m in length. However following the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004 the jetty has been showing signs of ongoing deterioration with timbers from the end portion of the jetty falling into the ocean. With concerns raised about boat and ship safety in the harbour, plans are under way to demolish 200m of the badly damaged section.

Restoration of the jetty is expected to continue up to row 106. Access to the jetty is no longer permitted to the general public.



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