The “Rock Solid” town of Trayning is located 236km from Perth in the central wheatbelt region of Western Australia. The town is named after the Trayning Well a few kilometres from town. The name was derived from two aboriginal words ‘Durri-iring’ (to crawl) or ‘Duranning’ (camping place). The name eventually evolved to mean ‘snake crawling in grass near campsite’.

Trayning like many small towns in WA was originally selected as a siding, as part of the Dowerin to Merredin railway. It was intended to be named Trayning Siding however when it was gazetted in 1912 the town became simply Trayning.

The Must Sees and Dos in Trayning

Gnamma Holes

Trayning’s namesake, the Trayning Well is located on the Kellerberrin-Bencubbin Rd about 5kms from town.  The stone well is probably the best condition of all the wells found along the pioneer goldfield’s route.

Gnamma holes .  What are Gnamma holes you ask? They are rock pools found on the granite outcrops. Nature’s water tanks so to speak.  The holes are  located just out of town on a 12km unsealed road .

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