When the Myalup Dolphins Come Out To Play


For a few years a small pod of dolphins have been entertaining the locals at Myalup beach. Being a regular visitor to this sleepy little town I have been on a mission to swim with them. Unfortunately every time I ventured to the beach I would be told  “Oh, you just missed the dolphins.”  Frustrating indeed.

So last year I got up very early and walked down to the beach for a swim. A few of us were splashing around when I heard a scream. I spun around and saw a fin. I knew straight away it was a dolphin’s fin. The pod !!! The two very inquisitive dolphins swam just a few metres away. Fortunately I had my GoPro on hand. Unbeknown to me at the time I was able to capture the  dolphins talking to one another as they posed for the camera. A truly wonderful experience.

I have returned numerous times since but alas only to be told  “Oh, you just missed the dolphins.”

As a little side note. Many years ago a stingray nicknamed Charlie use to swim up and down the beach at Myalup. I remember as a kid always keeping an eye out for that familiar dark shadow that would let me know of his presence. I don’t know how many “Charlies” there really were but it always filled with me joy to see him hugging the shore without a fear in the world waiting for a fisherman to throw him a fish.


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